Embed PDF Viewer in WordPress

While creating a special theme for a website usoing custom post types with a lot of media attachted it was needed to display pdf-files directly on the browser screen with html, css and javascript creating a custom overlay. I found different options and wanted to keep track of the options in this post. Object embed… Continue reading Embed PDF Viewer in WordPress

WordPress plugins for Member management

From a large amount of options here’s a handy selection of plugins that provide custom wordpress member experiences and professional options to extend the level of membership management. ARMember membership plugin is a complete membership system which will enable WordPress builders to create fully functional membership sites. ARmember Offers all type of membership plans, free… Continue reading WordPress plugins for Member management

WordPress LMS, E-learning and online education

An article about creating E-learning, online education and course materials with WordPress. To provide clients with background information and to have an insight in the technical and branding options, this post examines a large amount of LMS options for WordPress.

Bg image, live video and paralax effects

In this article a growing collection of notes and codes to keep track of visual background options, bg effects and interactive video tactics for future websites. Since last summer i am experimenting with streaming video in plain Javascript. The little amount of code and equipment needed to play with video streams shows how live-video-streaming has… Continue reading Bg image, live video and paralax effects

What the hack is it doing?

1. Phishing One of the most insidious techniques used today is Phishing.It’s hard to find the person that doesn’t know what phishing is. However a lot of users are still getting tricked by hackers on a daily basis.Phishing implies the replication of the website with the aim of stealing money or personal information. And once… Continue reading What the hack is it doing?