Bg image, live video and paralax effects

In this article a growing collection of notes and codes to keep track of visual background options, bg effects and interactive video tactics for future websites. Since last summer i am experimenting with streaming video in plain Javascript. The little amount of code and equipment needed to play with video streams shows how live-video-streaming has become a standard experience in our lives during the past 50 years.

Let’s take some steps back and first look at the basic usage of background-images for html-elements in css and the way to cover the full background.

Now for a basic video display in a background:

(video background source:

To display the video we might need a link to it’s source or we should take care of uploading the video to our own server or website. To manage the video I found a helpfull article about some very common and important digital video knowledge. In the WordPress CMS we can use a basic on video upload to start with.

But wait, my video is 300mb! What now?
Maybe u can use ftp like this?

There is a lot more that i will cover here when time permits to play and research these background options more over.

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