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Dear reader, welcome at this site. This WordPress website is an example of a default Worpress Blog website where i test the core of WordPress using content collected from personal experiences with webdesign, web development and WordPress usage.

As a webbouwer i am working professionally since 1998 providing fullstack web design and development services. During my study at the Royal Art academy in The Hague, the Netherlands I learned myself, besides studying Painting, as an autodidact creating Flash(splash) player animations and interactive design for new internet start-ups, businesses and organisations growing online. Soon i learned to build anything interactive with either flash, css, html, javacript, php and mysql.

Untill this day my freelance company deliveres Fullstack webdesign. My work includes customized webdesign, webpage markup, professional Joomla and WordPress templates, email campaigns, webapplications, plugins, UI design together with Graphic design and Artwork for logo’s, branding, banners, posters, flyers, newsletters, video installations and 3d sculptures.

Also i have experience in professional marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Discord, Google and Amazon. But as my knowledge has grown, social media and marketing have purposly become less important in my life and work.

After about 10 years doing websites and social media campaigns I noticed the flip side of a world connected through the internet and the way many things in our lives, including the contacts in our social media account, are becoming part of one or more programs that eventually all have only one single goal, to take as much energy or value from you as possible in a short and cost effective way.

In 2008 my son was born and I was really eager to learn and understand what the world would be for him as a grown-up. I wanted to do an educational practice to study and learn about children in a programmed world. For this I noticed Earlyrobots, a oneman company teaching robotics and programming to young children. I partnered up with prof. Bricola as it seemed a very keen way to surf the wave of STEM education hype with our edu-company getting all those kids constructing robots and writing code. More important, i’m much more interrested in the philosophical and emotional side, the development of the cognitive, emotional, creative, intuitive and logic of children through education in a world where many things are surpassing rationality and is being programmed one way or the other.
Philosophical knowledge on the subjects of existentialism, hyperreality and quantum mechanics help me understand how to help students, and their parents, to listen and understand themselves.

So, Art, Webdesign, STEM Education, Robotics, Programming, Philosophy, Art and Music. Now you know the services i have to offer, if interrested contact me webbouwer@webdesigndenhaag.net


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